The effects of a car accident can be traumatic. Whether you suffer property damage or personal injuries, recovering from the experience is not easy. In Florida, just like in all other states, several parties are involved when a car accident happens, including the traffic police, the insurance company, the medical sector, the witnesses, and the drivers. Dealing with the other parties is not an easy thing, so finding legal help after a Florida car accident is advisable. This means hiring a Florida car accident attorney that you can trust.  

What Will the Attorney Help You Do?

Immediately after a car accident, panic and confusion may set in. At such a time, you may not be able to make a rational decision. Moreover, your priority should be to get medical help and recover from the loss. Nonetheless, the other party has to be held liable for the accident and you should get the compensation that you are legally obliged to receive.  The process of filing and winning a car accident lawsuit is not easy, but with the right attorney, you can succeed. The attorney will help you:

  • Determine the faults:  Before a legal complaint is launched, your attorney has to determine who is majorly to blame. The expert will use the Comparative Negligence theory to determine your share of fault and the other party’s.
  • File the lawsuit in time: The statute of limitations in Florida for car accident claims is 4 years. The lawyer will help you follow the legal procedures to file the lawsuit before the time expires.
  • Contend with the insurance company: You should not face the insurance company unaccompanied. You need a lawyer to contend with insurance’s defense team.
  • Get compensation insights: The injuries suffered in a car accident can be long-term, with some leading to permanent disabilities. The lawyer will help you ask for a fair settlement—for example, a minimum of $10,000 for damage to property and $20,000 for injuries.

What to Consider Before Hiring the Attorney?

You need to look at:

  • Work experience: The more the experience, the better.
  • Local Certification: The attorney should be legally allowed to practice law in Florida.
  • The Fees: You should be able to afford the rates.
  • The winning plan: The lawyer should explain to you clearly how he or she plans to win the case.

Clearly, finding legal help after a Florida car accident is necessary if you want to get fair reimbursement. The expert will help you file a concrete case that is winnable in court and ultimately get paid for the damages, so call Casey Shomo, auto accident attorney.