A Safe Year for Cicero Motorists

According to Cicero auto accident statistics, 2013 was one of the safest years for Cicero, IL. There was only one fatal accident. The previous year, there were five fatal accidents. Eight vehicles and seven people were involved in these accidents. That is a high figure considering that Cicero is a suburb of fewer than one hundred thousand residents. More is required in this area to reduce auto accidents.

Despite Some Safe Years in Cicero, Road Crashes Are Still a Concern

Some years have had positive Cicero auto accident statistics. That does not mean that all is well, however. There are still many negligent drivers in this suburb and some roads are in a bad state.

Dangerous roads are a major cause of car accidents in most American cities. Roads without clear markings present a challenge to drivers and potholes are also to a common culprit – both issues are only amplified during inclement weather. Inexperienced drivers in Cicero should avoid driving when there is snow, fog, or heavy rain.

Cicero also has its fair share of negligent drivers and they regularly cause road crashes. Drunk driving is the most serious case of negligence. Local legislature imposing stiffer penalties against intoxicated driving would help act as a deterrence. It is common to see motorists in Cicero using their phones while driving. Distracted driving kills thousands of Americans every year and leaves many others permanently disabled.

Compensation for Car Accidents

The average compensation for minor injuries caused by a car accident ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. For serious injuries, the amount can be as high as $75,000. A severe injury might require surgery, therapy, and ongoing care. Thus, the settlement should consider all these costs.

The highest road crash settlement ever in America was $100 million. Transamerica Leasing, Inc. agreed to give this settlement to a Chicago family where a reverend and his wife narrowly escaped the accident while their six children perished. The cause of the accident was a detached tail light assembly from a Transamerica Leasing truck.

The Bottom-Line

If you are a car accident victim in Cicero, you need the best Cicero car crash lawyer. This attorney will help you to obtain substantial compensation that will pay for all your medical costs and compensate you for lost wages, physical pain, and mental suffering.

The effects of a car accident can be traumatic. Whether you suffer property damage or personal injuries, recovering from the experience is not easy. In Florida, just like in all other states, several parties are involved when a car accident happens, including the traffic police, the insurance company, the medical sector, the witnesses, and the drivers. Dealing with the other parties is not an easy thing, so finding legal help after a Florida car accident is advisable. This means hiring a Florida car accident attorney that you can trust.  

What Will the Attorney Help You Do?

Immediately after a car accident, panic and confusion may set in. At such a time, you may not be able to make a rational decision. Moreover, your priority should be to get medical help and recover from the loss. Nonetheless, the other party has to be held liable for the accident and you should get the compensation that you are legally obliged to receive.  The process of filing and winning a car accident lawsuit is not easy, but with the right attorney, you can succeed. The attorney will help you:

  • Determine the faults:  Before a legal complaint is launched, your attorney has to determine who is majorly to blame. The expert will use the Comparative Negligence theory to determine your share of fault and the other party’s.
  • File the lawsuit in time: The statute of limitations in Florida for car accident claims is 4 years. The lawyer will help you follow the legal procedures to file the lawsuit before the time expires.
  • Contend with the insurance company: You should not face the insurance company unaccompanied. You need a lawyer to contend with insurance’s defense team.
  • Get compensation insights: The injuries suffered in a car accident can be long-term, with some leading to permanent disabilities. The lawyer will help you ask for a fair settlement—for example, a minimum of $10,000 for damage to property and $20,000 for injuries.

What to Consider Before Hiring the Attorney?

You need to look at:

  • Work experience: The more the experience, the better.
  • Local Certification: The attorney should be legally allowed to practice law in Florida.
  • The Fees: You should be able to afford the rates.
  • The winning plan: The lawyer should explain to you clearly how he or she plans to win the case.

Clearly, finding legal help after a Florida car accident is necessary if you want to get fair reimbursement. The expert will help you file a concrete case that is winnable in court and ultimately get paid for the damages, so call Casey Shomo, auto accident attorney.

Delaware is a small state in the Mid-Atlantic, surrounded by Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It is ranked 49th in terms of total area and 45th in terms of population with just under a million residents. It’s an affluent state with most families being able to afford multiple cars. As a result, the local government was able to record almost 700,000 licensed drivers, and almost 900,000 registered vehicles in the state. These were able to log an estimated 9.76 million miles for the year 2015. Just marginal increases were observed from the 2014 to 2015 statistics.  

Crashes and Fatalities

According to the CDC, accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in Delaware. It is just below cancer, heart disease, and chronic lower respiratory diseases. Accidents killed more people in 2016 than stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. We spend a great deal of time and money to take good care of our health. Given this data, it just seems logical to give as much attention to our safety on the roads.

A good chunk of these Delaware accident statistics may be traced to motor vehicle crashes. In 2015, there were 129 fatal crashes in the state which was 16% up from the previous year. Crashes that resulted in personal injury reached 5,253 while those that were limited to property damage went up to 18,684. The total number of collisions for that year was just over 24,000.

More than one person was involved in many of these cases. The number of persons killed was 133 while the persons injured was more than 8,000. Looking at the vehicle miles travelled, it would seem that there is 1.36 deaths per 100 million miles or 1.49 per 10,000 registered vehicles. The death rate is pegged at 14.09 per 100,000 population. What’s concerning is that Delaware’s death rate has been going up in the past few years while the national figures are going down.

About half of the fatal crashes happened in New Castle county. Car drivers were more apt to perish than their passengers. The most common crashes involved a motor vehicle in transport, parked vehicles, collisions with utility poles, collisions with the curb, and animals. As for the contributing circumstances, inattentive driving, following too close, careless driving, failing to yield, improper passing, animal in roadway, and driving under influence come out on top. DUI, failure to yield, and pedestrian crashes were very fatal.

Driver Distribution

According to the breakdown, there were a few more licensed female drivers than male drivers around the state in 2015. Women outnumbered men 354,845 to 329,886. Those aged between 25 and 54 make up half of the license holders. In Delaware, teenagers as young as 16 can begin to drive, although their numbers are small compared to the rest. Seniors aged 70 and older outnumber them by a mile, aided by experience and deeper pockets.

If you are a victim of a crash, then get an accident lawyer in Delaware to help you with your claims.